What I can do for you

Low cost and a Personal Service

You are probably not happy with the way your computer is behaving right now. There is nearly always some niggling little thing that you are ‘putting-up with’ because you think it will take too long and cost too much to fix.  Wait no longer! Give me a call and let me take a look at it, most problems can be fixed quickly and at low cost. If I can’t help I will tell you. It’s as simple as that!

Is it repairable!

Let me have a look

If it's not, no charge!



  • Configuration problems fixed
  • Laptop - Replacement screen/keyboard
  • Laptop - Replacement power socket
  • Replacement/upgraded Hard Disk
  • Memory upgrade
  • Processor replacement/upgrade
  • Motherboard replacement/upgrade
  • Fan replacement
  • On/off switch replacement
  • Additional graphics or other cards installed
  • PC’s built to your requirements



  • Replacement Screen
  • Replacement Modules (Camera etc)



  • Wireless Network & Internet setup
  • Virus & other malware removal
  • Windows installation and setup
  • PC Health Check
  • Data recovery/backup



  • Replacement Screen
  • Replacement Modules (Camera etc)

Not sure if I provide the service you are looking for!